A new chapter in safety

We take pride in manufacturing world's leading design of safety I.V. Cannula


IV Infusion

I.V. Cannula

Infusion & Transfusion

3 way stop cocks


IV Infusion

Extension line

IV Infusion

Safety I.V. Cannula

Personal Protective Equipment

Isolation gowns & Coveralls

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About Neotec

Neotec products are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and automation processes. All manufacturing processes have been validated and qualified according to the relevant International Standards. Quality products and services are a strategic issue and a daily challenge for us. To keep our customers satisfied and to meet their aspirations, we always endeavor to imbibe a proactive approach foreseeing their needs.

Quick Deliveries

We fulfil orders within 4-6 weeks without compromising on quality.

CE & FDA certified

All our products are built with highest quality standards and certifications.

Feature Product


I.V Cannula with injection valve

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Safety I.V Cannula ( Metal clip type)

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Extension tube with integrated 3 way stopcock


Injection stopper with Needle free


Production Videos

Fully Automatic Assembly Line

Safety I.V. Cannula (Tip Cover)

Safety I.V. Cannula

3 Way Stopcock Automatic Machine