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Safety I.V. Cannula with Injection valve

Step wise cannulation guide:

Step 1:

Select suitable size of Safety I.V. Cannula & inspect visually to ascertain that package isintact

  • Wash hand with antiseptic solution and wear gloves.​

  • Apply tourniquet.

  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

  • Locate an accessible and suitable peripheral vein visually and confirm by palpation.

  • HYDROPHOBIC FILTER allows consistent flashback.

  • Disinfect the venipuncture site properly.

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Step 2:
  • Remove Safety I.V. Cannula from individual packaging.

  • Remove wing body clip upward

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Step 3:
  • Remove needle cover by holding the wing body catheter hub of Safety I.V. Cannula and discard the needle cover

  •  Do not touch the catheter.​​

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Step 4:
  • Hold the Safety I.V. Cannula by Grip Pad keeping bevel face upward.

  • Puncture the vein with needle and confirm successful venipuncture by visualizing blood in flashback chamber

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step 5:
  • Push the projection till catheter is adequately into the vein.

  • Stabilize the device at Projection with Index Finger.

  • Holding the Grip Pad, pull the needle gently until you hear a click sound, which confirms locking of the needle into the safety chamber.

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Step 6:
  • Remove tourniquet.

  • Hold the I.V. Cannula at wing body catheter hub.

  • Put digital pressure away from catheter tip.

  • Turn the Safety Chamber either left or right and remove from the wing body catheter hub.

  • Discard the safety chamber according to general hospital practice.

  • Connect the I.V. Infusion line.

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Safety I.V. Catheter with injection valve

IV cannula.png

I.V. Cannula with injection valve

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