Safety I.V. Cannula 1 way-without valve without wings


Step wise cannulation guide

Step 1:

Select suitable size of Safety I.V. Cannula & inspect visually to ascertain that package is intact

Wash hand with antiseptic solution and wear gloves.

Wash hand with antiseptic solution and wear gloves.

Apply tourniquet.

Step 2:

Remove Safety I.V. Cannula from individual packaging.

Remove Needle Cover by holding the Grip Pad and discard the needle cover.

Do not touch the catheter.

Step 3:

Hold the Safety I.V. Cannula by Grip Pad keeping needle bevel upward.

Puncture the vein with needle and confirm successful venipuncture by visualizing blood inthe flashback chamber.

Step 4:

Push the projection till catheter is adequately into the vein.

Stabilize the device at Projection with Index Finger.

Holding Grip Pad, pull the needle gently until you hear a click sound, which confirms locking
of the needle into the safety chamber

step 5:

Remove tourniquet.

Put digital pressure away from catheter tip.

Hold the I.V. Cannula at coloured catheter hub.

Turn the Safety Chamber either left or right and remove from the coloured catheter hub

Discard the safety chamber according to general hospital practice.

Connect the I.V. Infusion line.