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Product Types:

  1. Full Body Disposable Medical Coverall with Viral Barrier Protection.

  2. Full Body Disposable Medical Coverall with PE Lamination

  3. Full Body Disposable Medical Coverall with Ultra Protection

  4. Full Body Disposable Medical Coverall with Repellent Barrier Protection

  5. Breathable Full Body Disposable Medical Coverall

  6. Medical Shield Full Body Reusable Medical Coverall

Product Design:

  • Full Body Coverall made up of high grade tri-layer laminated SMS fabric with the monolithic film along with the built-in hood

  • Taped seams for optimal protection and better visibility

  • Thumb & Finger loops to prevent sleeves sliding up the arm

  • High-quality zipper-flap for optimal protection

  • Elasticated bands on the waist, hood, arms & legs for optimal fit


Specially designed for Covid-19 protection

Resistance to any kind of Viruses

Impermeable to blood and body fluids

Dust & Liquid penetration resistance

Chemical resistance

Suitable for stringent infection protection

Highly Breathable


Particulate and Spray tight to a limited extent

Free of silicone and paint wetting impairment substance

Dust resistance

Liquid repellent

Provide air permeability with high MVTR

Washable up to 20 washes

Anti Microbial

Virus Penetration resistance (Virucide Finish kills virus within 2-5 mins of fabric contact)

Hand Sanitizer

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Face Mask

I.V. Cannula

Three Way Stop Cock


Safety Hypodermic Needle

Safety Scalp Vein Set And Blood Collection Needle

Safety Scalpel

Sterilization Packaging

I.V. Dressing

PU Wound Dressing

Alcohol Swabs

Safety syringe

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