I.V. Cannula 1 Way (without valve, without wings


HYDROPHOBIC FILTER allows consistent flashback.

With Hydrophobic Filter or Threaded Stopper. 

Paper or Tyvek Packing or PEN type. 

PTFE, FEP or PUR Catheter

Useful in high risk cases where no extra opening is permitted for risk of infection.

Symmetrical design facilitates cannulation at contoured surfaces.

Colour coded body for size identification.

Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Transparent hub for easy flashback visualisation.

HYDROPHOBIC FILTER allows consistent flashback.

Siliconised, ultra-sharp back-cut needle for painless venipuncture.


Options Available

Kink resistant and biocompatible catheter with smooth surface for easy penetration.

Advance tip design provides smooth transition from needle to catheter.