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Safety IV Cannula (Spring Type)


  • Color-coded catheter hub body as per EN ISO – 10555.

  • USP standards Class VI compliance, thin walled Catheters with PTFE, PUR, FEP or ETFE Clear, Radio-opaque.

  • Gently tapered catheter tip with Customized Automated Tipping Technology (CATT) for lower penetration forces and optimal trim distance to provide smooth transition from needle to catheter.

  • Siliconised stainless steel needle with ultra-sharp triple facet bevel for smooth & painless venipuncture.

  • The device is available in a variety of lengths and gauges to accommodate procedural and patient needs.

  • The product is designed with transparent flashback chamber for immediate conforma- tion of venipuncture and ensure smooth flow of blood OR any other fluids.

  • Revolutionary designed safety feature provides complete protection to healthcare workers as well as hospital waste handlers from accidental needle-stick injuries and prevents transmission of blood-borne pathogens from patients.

  • Non-pyrogenic, Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.



  • Do not try to reinsert a partially or completely withdrawn needle.

  • In case venipuncture is not successful, remove the needle first to activate safety mechanism, then withdraw catheter from patient.

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