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Foley Balloon Catheter


  • Comprehensive range of intermittent, indwelling for short term and long term

  • Reinforced catheters for post-operative requirements

  • Made from biocompatible latex with siliconised finishing or silicone elastomer coating

  • Drainage eye and tip configuration designed to meet medical profession requirements

  • Inclusive range of catheter types, size and balloons

  • Various sizes differentiated by colour code.

  • Smooth, round and firm tip to facilitate insertion

  • Rounded drainage eyes to improve urine flow and minimise encrustation

  • Ideal catheter funnel dimension enables connection to fit all urine drainage systems

  • Variety of catheter colours in translucent, blue, green and red to serve user preferences

  • Short tip and symmetrical balloon shape to minimise bladder irritation

  • Choice of hard or soft inflation valves.

Product Description

Material : Natural Rubber

Coating Material: Silicone (SIL), Silicone Elastomer (SEC)

One Way Catheter: Red urethral intermittent catheter with stiff shaft for easy insertion.

Two Way Catheter: Short terms indwelling catheter with siliconised finishing to maximise patient's comfort.

Post Operative Reinforced Catheter: State-of-the-art tip configuration includes Nelaton, Couvelaire, Dufour, Mercier and frohmuller designed to meet even the most rigid medical requirements.

3 Way Catheter: Our 3 way siliconised coated catheter is designed specifically for efficient irrigation drainage.

Long term Catheter: Our long term catheter's shafts are coated with silicone elastomer to increase durability to withstand the test of time.

Colour Code for Catheter Size


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