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Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves


  • Complete range of surgical gloves allows users to select the most appropriate type of glove for surgery, be it for General Surgery or specialized surgery such as Microsurgery and Orthopaedic. The manufacturing environment and process has been designed to achieve the critical in-built quality that is necessary in a medical device as per GMP requirements.

Sterile Latex Surgical Powdered
Sterile Latex Surgical Powderfree
Speciality Sterile Surgical gloves

  • Neuro

  • Micro

  • Ortho

  • Dual

  • Sensitive

  • Gynecological Powdered

  • Gynaecological Powderfree

Sterile Synthetic Surgical

  • Neoprene Soft

  • Neoprene Accelerator Free

  • Isoprene

  • Neoprene Soft

  • Neoprene Accelerator Free

  • Isoprene


Examination Gloves

  • Latex Powdered Examination Gloves

  • Latex Powder - Free Examination Gloves

  • Nitrile Powder - Free Examination Gloves

  • Gamma Ray Sterile Examination Gloves

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